The Building Conservation Trust (BCT) was created to provide vital funding for grassroots-driven projects that achieve one or more of five key objectives: Restore degraded habitats; Create new habitats; Advance the science of coastal habitat and marine fisheries conservation; Foster habitat stewardship; and Educate coastal communities of the value of conservation.

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Since inception, funds provided by BCT have proven to be incredibly impactful in the world of marine habitat conservation. Through a highly successful matching funds program, BCT has garnered over $18 million towards over 40 projects, all being placed in our waters.

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Ways To Give

Make a gift today and you can help BCT tackle marine conservation and restoration around the globe. By supporting BCT, you will help us achieve lasting results providing funding for local, state and national fisheries, habitat conservation, and restoration projects. BCT has created a model for the successful collaboration of business, non-profit organizations, and government agencies to revitalize critical habitat and establish a vibrant foundation for the marine ecosystem.

Partners in Conservation

Support those who support BCT and our coast!

In 2010, Shell Oil Company announced that it would provide $1.5 million in funding over three years to CCA’s habitat program and paved the way for a series of large-scale, angler-driven marine habitat projects. Years later, Shell continues to support Building Conservation Trust’s habitat projects through its generous ongoing partnership.

With a commitment to funding habitat projects in U.S. coastal waters, ENGEL is a strong and dedicated partner of Building Conservation Trust

SweetWater Brewing Company is dedicated to funding marine habitat programs, including a generous ongoing partnership with Building Conservation Trust.

CCA's Music City Chapter annually provides valuable funds that contribute directly towards BCT habitat projects.

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